Friday, December 14, 2018

Have you HERD?

Did you know that bringing a friend to camp is not only the most awesome thing you can do, but you also get savings toward another session at camp!

When you get someone new ( a friend, a classmate or even your little brother) to sign up for a week of camp, you will earn a $50 credit toward another session of camp.

Bring two friends? $100

Bring three new friends and you get to come to a week of camp for free! Yup, you HERD right! A whole week of camp for free! And you get a super cool limited edition Fred the moose shirt!

What if your friend signs up for two sessions? Or they come with their sibling? You will get a credit for each new person and each session the come- so if your friend comes two sessions, that's two HERD credits! You can even get a credit for your sibling as long as they are new to summer camp! (Mooselings are considered new campers when they sign up for their first summer after the mooseling camp program)

So how does this whole HERD thing work? 

#1. You sign up for a week of camp.

#2. Have your friend sign up for camp. When they register, they should see a question about how there heard about camp. "If you are a "Firstie" or HERD Referral, what family referred you to camp? ". They should put your name as an answer for this question.

#3. Once they pay in full, we will send you an email letting you know you have a credit! When you are ready to sign up for another week, let us know and we will send you discount code to enter when you register.

That's it!

If you need some camp info handouts, or would like to set up a time for the director to come and chat with your friends, just let us know- we are here to help!

So get out there and let your friends know about our awesome camp! Camp is even better when you share it with a friend!

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