Wednesday, November 28, 2018

Winter Came to Visit Camp

So Old Man Winter came a little early, and decided to make sure we knew that he was gonna be in charge for the next few months. The snow was wet and heavy, and it brought down a lot of stuff around camp. Don't worry- we are back up and running, and everything will be ready for the weekend!

We didn't have power from around 3 am to 7 pm, but the guys with Nation Grid worked hard to get the power back on. We had a tree limb come down and pull the wires out of the transformer, and another branch on the secondary line into camp that feeds the Rec Hall and Dining Hall.

Here are some pictures....
Near the Dining Hall

Gonna call it the Wreck field instead of Rec Field
Missed the Dining Hall by "that" much.

Cabin 9/10 must be super lucky...

On the other hand, the camp shop on the Boy's Bath House wasn't so lucky.

Power line to the Dining Hall and Rec Hall

Poor Apple tree near the flag circle. It wont survive the winter.

The pile from the power line coming into the Director's cabin

The Apple tree outside the director's cabin lost a branch!

And with every storm that maple drops more branches


We were very lucky to not have much damage to the buildings. I'm not sure how much cleanup we can do until spring, but we will at least get alot of it down. 

I would like to give a big shout out to the guys with National Grid Power- they really did an amazing job this storm and I for one appreciate all they did for camp! 

Now to get camp ready for the Weekend event- I got lots of snow moving to do!