Monday, June 11, 2018

Our Camp Store

Here is a post from our very own Camp Clerk Judi!
One of my many jobs at all the camp’s I have worked at included running the Camp Store.  Never have the words “Candy OR ice cream” come out of my mouth so many times. Patience was required while trying to find a misfiled “camper card” where we kept track of purchases.  Patience was required while a camper barely tall enough to see over the counter contemplated the merits of Swedish Fish VS Fun Dip (a sugar stick you dip into more sugar), only to change tack entirely and go for the Atomic fire balls.  

Image result for atomic hot ballsAs a camper, however, the ability to go to the Camp Store was a real treat for me.  I grew up very rural and did not have access to a corner store to spend the allowance I received doing various chores.  To be able to go daily to a place that offered the delicacies of childhood not available to me during the rest of the year just added to making Camp Sacandaga a magical place.

Image result for atomic hot ballsTherefore it is my pleasure to announce that we are going to be able to offer the 2018 Camp Sacandaga campers an opportunity to visit the Camp Store every day.  As is tradition we will be giving campers a choice of one food item, ice cream or candy, and one drink. Shirts, hoodies, stuffed moose critters and other unique and cool items will be available for purchase during registration and check-out.

Image result for swedish fishStore will be open daily for food and drink during free time and occasionally in the evening for the older campers during “Teen Time”.  Typically parents put around $20 on a store account.  Directions for this process will be sent to parents as they register their camper.  Campers will NOT be allowed to purchase items with cash so it is not necessary for campers to bring any money to camp.  At check-out parents will have an opportunity to spend down any remaining balance in their campers’ store accounts. Any remaining funds at the end of the week will be placed in a campership fund.  

Image result for fun dipIn my own experience I know that some campers will not have as much in their store accounts as others and will be limited in their purchases.  Never fear!  There will be a bowl of fruit and “bug juice” (and water) in the dining hall for hungry campers during free time.  Some evening programs have a snack such as s’mores and popcorn as part of the plan. And as always, meals have multiple options to satisfy even the most discerning eater.

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