Friday, March 30, 2018

Camp Sacandaga Might Save Your Child’s Mental Health

How your child spends their summer may be vital for their mental health.

A study by The Washington Times reveals that heavy cell phone use can be a catalyst of mental
illness, social disorders, and cancer. The proposed remedy: A 28 day rehabilitation where the young actually sit in front of each other in an attempt to speak face to face.

Luckily, Camp Sacandaga provides a traditional camp experience in which campers are required to “unplug”, forgoing all technological uses for the duration of their stay.

Campers will spend their free time enjoying technology-free activities such as:

Perform in skits and talent shows
Participate in all camp games
Swim in the pool
Sharing stories around the campfire

The culture of camp Sacandaga is designed to create a fun environment where your child can hone their social skills and make life long friendships. With the vast majority  of children engaging in heavy use of cell phones and other technologies, genuine social interactions are becoming scarce.

Camp Sacandaga’s traditional camp experience will provide your child with not only a fun, memorable summer, but also become a major stepping stone in your child’s journey to independence and self discovery.

Have your child join us this summer!

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