Thursday, December 21, 2017

Throw back Thursday- CCC Christmas resolutions

Remember way back when I said I got that old newsletter from camp S-90? Well there happened to be a story written by one of the guys, Charles Montgomery Gehlhaus. It's a fictitious story set in the Adirondacks. If you would like me to send you a copy in .pdf form, let me know.


Keep Warm and have a Safe and Happy Holiday! 

Friday, December 1, 2017

Today's the Day

My trip in 2015 to Key West
So today I want to talk about Mel Fisher. Mel Fisher was a treasure hunter who has a museum in Key West. Born in Indiana and a dive shop pioneer in California, he was an American treasure hunter best known for finding the 1622 wreck of the Nuestra SeƱora de Atocha. Wikipedia 

Perhaps on of the things he was most well known for was that everyday he insisted, "Today's the Day"! His mantra continues to inspire the search for treasure and lost antiquities. 

I know about Mel Fisher because every year I use to go to Key West to take some to recharge and get ready for another yer. And I would stop by his museum to see all of the cool stuff that is there, and to get inspiration.

As a matter of fact, I was sitting in Key West early in June of 2015 when I got a call from the owners of this camp. Long story short, they were not able to keep moving forward with the camp, and offered me the opportunity to start my own program.

After many missteps, trials and a steep learning curve, I was able to work out a lease to own agreement for the camp.  That agreement ends a year from this coming February, at which point we will have a mortgage and camp will be totally under our ownership.

What does this have to do with Mel? Well...Today's the Day. Today we start accepting campers for the 2018 season. Today we try to make sure we become self show that camp can stand on it's own two feet ( or four- if we are referencing Fred the Moose). When we do that, we can get the funding to purchase the camp outright, and start the next chapter in this amazing story.

Today's the day that all we have worked for over the last two years starts to pay off. Today is the day we will work harder to have a positive impact on the lives of children.

So what are you doing today? 

What would be the goal of your "Today's the Day!"  Maybe you will set a goal to eat healthier, exercise and feel better about yourself. Maybe you will look at your job and decide that today you want to move on. Or maybe you will look at what you do and decide today's the day you work even harder.

Maybe you will have your child register for the first day of an adventure that will last for years- and maybe even lead to a camp job! Or maybe today's the day you will help your child take that first step toward independence by coming to camp. Maybe you will talk with a niece, nephew or grandchild about what fun you had as a camper and convince them to go to camp. Or today's the day you want to give to help a child have an awesome experience at camp.

What ever you choose to do, remember that Today's the Day. It's the day we open registration, and it's the day we start to gear up for the summer.

Post the hashtag #todaysthedaycs and post what you are looking to do today. Even if it's something small. Make today YOUR day.

Remember, that any given day could be "The day". The day that things fall together, or the day that your dreams come true. I know that today is that kind of day for me!

Oh, and it also happens to be the first day of registration! Go register your camper today!