Wednesday, September 6, 2017

After the Summer

It's been awhile since I blogged! I've been busy, then after camp I needed a break to get my mind unscrambled. Here is a blog from another director about what I should be doing...(Top Ten Things Camp Directors should do now that summer is over) .

The other night I was sitting outside at the fire ring outside of my cabin.I had some old papers to burn (I just cleaned part of the office), and there is nothing like sitting by the fire watching the flames to clear the mind.

It was a little cold...not too bad but I am surprised how quickly the weather changed. And it was later than I usually would have sat out. It was pretty dark,but the fire was warm and I was thinking about the summer. (this is a pic of the fire). The owl that has been hanging around camp was hooting to the loon that was on the lake, and I think they were trying to out hoot/call each other.

Small bear eating apples last Fall
As I sat there lost in thought, I happened to glance over and sitting next to me (not more that 25 feet) was a little 2 year old bear ( about the size of the bear pictured here).

I did not hear him walk up, and he didn't see me sitting in my ADK chair near the fire. So we both jumped a little when we saw each other.

Normally when I see a bear on camp, I yell at them and ask them where their buddy is, and tell them they have to leave camp cause they don't have a buddy. I then chase them off camp. (that reason didn't work as well last Fall when the mom bear and three cubs came on camp to eat apples dropped by the trees near my cabin. But she left rather quickly after Gwen and Gabby started barking on the porch.)

But this night I didn't do that. I apologized for scaring him/her, and told him/her that they shouldn't sneak up on me. The bear was confused as it sat there, because they are use to me yelling at them. We chatted for awhile longer. I talked about how the summer went, the projects I want to do this fall (he snorted at that) and what I was going to do this winter. After looking at the fire for awhile longer, the bear meandered off into the woods, making sure to make enough noise that I knew where it was.

I finished watching the fire in hopes that a moose would stop by, but that didn't happen. Maybe at the next fire.

Here is a pic of camp. Someone suggested that I post a pic of the Rec Hall each time I post the blog so you can see what each season at camp looks like. This pic was taken September can see that the trees are already changing!