Friday, April 28, 2017

Our New Camp Fix it Guy

S'Mores anyone?
Look- Here our new Maintenance guy, Cary Brochinsky.

I've known Cary for a number of years when he was a camper at LG Cook 4-H Camp. Here is what Cary has to say about himself...

"I have been a day camp logistics coordinator at the Somerset County 4-H Day Camp for 5 Years. I oversaw operations of the "behind the scenes" setup of operating the camp to ensure everything ran smoothly. Last year I worked as a counselor and assistant maintenance worker at L.G. Cook 4-H Camp."
At LG Cook (Cary is in the Middle)

What he doesn't say in his description is how passionate he is about working at camps. He is going to school for Parks and Recreation, and has been a 4-H Club member (in many clubs) and a 4-H mentor for many years.

We are looking forward to having him be a part of this camp family!

Thursday, April 27, 2017

Our Arts and Crafts Coordinator

 It's that exciting time of the year when we meet some of our new staff. Over the next week or so, I will be introducing the folks that will be working here this summer!

The second staff member I would like to introduce (I already introduced Ryan, our assistant director) is Katherine Gale, who will be our Arts and Crafts Coordinator.


Katherine is an Environmental Science major at Paul Smith’s College. She worked as a Resident Assistant at her college and is quite an extrovert. She is passionate about nature, and loves to be outdoors. She loves helping others learn and feel passionate about learning. 

Katherine likes to make the best of everyday, rain or shine, and create millions of memories along the way. She is very excited to be working at Camp Sacandaga this summer, and looks forward to having great experiences and making memories that will last a lifetime. 
Please join me in welcoming Katherine to our camp family!