Wednesday, August 31, 2016

Mooselings on the LOOSE!!!

We had our official first Official Mooseling Weekend! 11 little Mooselings came to camp for an overnight experience with their parents.

The Mooseling Weekend is an overnight program for campers 4 to 8 years of age and their parents.We want to provide the young ones with a camp experience of their very own.

First it was a tour of camp.. We had to see where everything was and what were the rules of camp. We also played some new games to get to know each other.

Then it was time for a nature walk.  First we had to find "critters" on the trail...

one of the Critters

 Then we had a visit from one of our camp friends.. A Red Eft! (The eastern newt (Notophthalmus viridescens) is a common newt of eastern North America. ... Red eft[edit]. The red eft (juvenile) stage is a bright orangish-red in color, with darker red spots outlined in black)

And We then learned the rules to a great game called Camouflage! 

We also played some field games

Followed by crafts in the Rec Hall

And then it was time for a swim!

What are they planning?

Breaking out the old lifeguard skills

After dinner we played with the parachute

And had a campfire with smores!

And then we sent the mooselings to bed for the night. The next morning we had the flag ceremony.

And after breakfast we had outdoor cooking

Judi was getting Lunch ready
And then we had Moose crafts where we made moose puppets.

And made Eagle Eyes

A few Bell helpers

After a picture, we said goodby to the mooselings, the staff helped clean
And took a much needed nap!

We had a great weekend. Thank you to all the Mooselings and their parents, and to all of the staff that made the weekend possible. We hope to see you all next year July 22nd and 23rd for our next Mooselings weekend!

Wednesday, August 3, 2016

A week at Camp -Final Chapter

But we in it shall be remembered-
We few, we happy few, we band of brothers (and sisters)

William Shakespeare had it right when he wrote the quote in Henry V. If it were not for the tireless efforts of a few people, this dream of camp would never of happened.

To the staff- Through all the hard work, sweat and tears, we were able to do something magical- We brought back the camp spirit. It is never easy to follow a dream, but each of you stepped up and helped to make this week an amazing experience for the children.

It wasn't easy- we had limited resources, little staff and constant obstacles that seemed to pop up out of the blue. But anything worth while is not without challenge. Mere words cant express my gratitude for you few-you happy few...But I will try.

Jasper  - Thank you for traveling all the way from California to be a part of this crazy dream. Your enthusiasm and joy of camp were apparent, and your campers loved you. The skit during the talent show from your class was amazing. Maybe we can get you for the entire summer next year!

Nathan - You were a last minute find, but definitely worth it. Thank you for keeping the children safe in the pool and for your sense of humor.

Ryan -  When I asked you awhile ago to help out, I was very happy to hear you were available and willing to help out. So you traveled all the way up from Texas, and you really helped out in all aspects of camp, from taking photos to teaching classes, and helping things run smoothly- I am so thankful for your help and advice! 

Eric - I've know you for such a ling time, and to see who you have become is amazing. Thank you for getting your lifeguard management certificate, and being in charge of the pool . Without you the pool would not have opened!             


Andrea - talk about sacrifices- you hurt your back just before camp, and you still came to help out! Thank you for all of the support before and during camp. I always look forward to seeing you and picking your brains for great ideas. Thank you for being a part of this from the beginning.              

Susan - Other than a glitch with the computers- things went really smoothly.  It was a great week of camp. Thank you for keeping everyone safe, and for the coffee!                 

Chris - So- how was your first official jaunt as a counselor! I think you hit it out of the park! Thank you for being a counselor, playing taps the last night, and being an enthusiastic part of camp. You made the week for many campers!    

David (DJ) -  Your visit here started over a conversation about a stick! And you traveled here, taught bow drill fires, played games and were such a great support. Thank you for being a part of this crazy dream, and being the support you are. I look forward to many more years of you coming to camp.     

Miguel - One of the newest members at camp, you just fit right in! Not many people can jump right in to the kitchen and make meals that the kids loved- (all the kids raved about the food on the camper surveys). Thank you for your hard work, and joining in on the activities like counselor hunt and the scavenger hunt!

Matt - Thank you for bringing Miguel up to speed in the kitchen, and all of your advice. The kitchen is a thankless job, and we were not as prepared as we had hoped we would be. Many things were missing, and we didn't discover them until we were in the full swing of camp. We will be looking at upgrades to make the kitchen better for people working in there. Thank you for guiding us in this and making many sacrifices for camp.

Richard Turnbull  - Do you remember walking around the camp on the icy ground? Back then it's hard to believe  how great the program was going to be for the campers. Thank you for believing in camp, teaching fishing, showing everyone your incredible enthusiasm  and having that sense of humor that keeps us going even in the hardest of times.

Lizette Tynan - You never were a part of the old camp, but your heart and enthusiasm made you a part of this place. I appreciate all your family did to help get camp ready, and the endless phone calls to keep me sane. I know it was a surprise when you arrived that you would be in a cabin, but you jumped in and made sure the girls in your cabin had a great experience. And the kids loved archery! Thank you for it all, and being my friend.          

Kathleen Walsh - When I put out the call for someone to teach arts and crafts- you answered that call. When I asked for a cabin counselor, you stepped up.    You have done so much to make the first season work, with a sassy sense of humor! I can't express how thankful I am that you are a part of this place.       

James Zollweg  - Talk about thankless jobs! The kitchen can be the worst place to be at camp, especially when it isn't set up right. Thank you for persevering with the dishes, and being a support of the camp. I promise the next time you come to visit- you wont have to clean a dish!          

Rita and Judi
Rita and Judi - I'm putting you two together because without both of you- the camp would never have happened.  It was a tough week- so many issues  kept croping up, I didn't have time to do other things - but throughout that the two of you made sure camp ran smoothly. Out of all the things I worried about, the two of you were not one of them. I know how much you sacrificed to be here, how much of yourselves that you have given over the past months to make camp happen. I can never hope to repay that support, but I wanted both of you to know that when you look at the pictures of happy faces at camp, and when you read the positive comments from parent/ camper evaluations, it is because of you. I have so much more to thank you for- but I will do that in person. - Thank you for making this place a camp.

As I look to the future, Camp will look different next year- we will go more weeks, and have a full staff. But we will never forget the love and enthusiasm of the first "crew" at camp. And camp will always have volunteers and alumni be a part of it during the summer weeks. That connection to the past, and having campers see caring and enthusiastic adults care about the camp is invaluable.

There are some others that I would like to thank...

Martha "Martie" Zollweg has been a beacon of light for camp. Her support and advice, her fun spirit and kind words have made all of the difference in the world.

Stephanie Turnbull, David Sherman, Meghan and Bob Ogden, Ellon Dougan, Eva Marie and Wade Gugino and other members of the council I may be forgetting- All of those Zoom meetings, visits to camp, getting camp ready , words of support and advice, and posting of advertisements- Thank you for your support and guidance from the beginning!

Camp Fowler- Thank you Kent for sending over those staff to help me get camp ready, and thank you for sending Tim Monagham to do our swim tests. Your support and friendship is invaluable, and I look forward to many more summers of working together to enrich the lives of children.   

And for those many people who have donated for camperships.. The Speculator Lions Club, Kim Gottfried, private donors - all have made the lives of children a little better with their gift of camp.

Thank you everyone- Keep watching facebook and the blog for upcoming events and notices!

With Warmest Regards and Humble Gratitude,

Jim Tavares